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Cool Down with Great Fruit Smoothie

We Offer Over 70 Flavors and Frozen Beverage Equipment

Who doesn't love smoothies? Get the frozen beverage equipment you need to make delicious and healthy smoothies from Hawaiian Julep. Our company helped begin the smoothie craze in 1990 by specializing in frozen non-dairy, 99% fat-free fruit smoothies using vanilla and chocolate crème base with more than 70 flavored concentrates to choose from. Contact us to learn more about how to make frozen lemonade and other flavors with our beverage equipment.

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Great Fruit Smoothie

Create Anything You Like
Use our frozen beverage equipment to create coffee and fruit smoothies or anything else your taste buds crave. We kicked off the smoothie craze in the 90's and now we're back with wide selection of amazing smoothie-makers to make delicious:

 • Ice Cream Smoothies
 • Coffee Smoothies
• Fruit Smoothies
Frozen Lemonade
• Margaritas

Frozen Beverage Equipment
Hawaiian Julep frozen beverage equipment is perfect for:

 • Home or Business Use
 • Food Industry
 • Concessions
• Restaurant
• Delis
• Coffee Shops
• Schools

Where to Find Us
Look for our beverage equipment producing great frozen lemonade and other smoothie treats at State Fairs and Flea Markets. These events are great markets because of the exceptional taste of Hawaiian Julep and our bright colorful promotional materials.

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